Into the Ruins: Fall 2019 (Issue #14) is Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce that the 14th issue of Into the Ruins is shipping to subscribers and is now available for purchase!

This Fall 2019 issue runs 105 pages, featuring seven great new stories of deindustrial science fiction, an Editor’s Introduction, and an excellent letters to the editor section.

What might the deindustrial future bring? Cut off inhabitants in a flooded California face a furious storm; the residents of an island of refuge must determine the fate of unnerving visitors; a desolate landscape is visited by a series of mysterious and haunting musical notes; and one final, critical act determines the outcome of a new Civil War.

These possibilities and more await in the pages within, weaving tales of the future that refuse to bow to the assumptions of our times and instead ask us to imagine what might come from the choices we face, and in what ways we might yet forge futures of meaning in the hard times ahead.

Subscribers should be receiving their copies shortly.  Those of you who aren’t subscribers but would like a copy of the new issue can order a copy here from our store, which will ship immediately. The issue is also available from Amazon or you can purchase a digital edition of the issue at Payhip. For  international readers, you can go to the issue page for links to international Amazon sites it’s available through, or send me an email for options to purchase directly for international delivery.

If you aren’t already a subscriber, consider signing up! Already a subscriber but perhaps your subscription has expired? Renew today! Aren’t sure if your subscription has ended? Shoot me an email and I’ll let you know where you stand.

As always, I encourage readers to send their thoughts and feedback to me at, both as casual emails (rambling acceptable!) and as official letters to the editor that I can consider for publication in the 15th issue of Into the Ruins, scheduled for publication in December. Comments for contributing authors, as well, will be happily forwarded on.

Now go read the new issue and enjoy some fantastic deindustrial and post-peak science fiction. Happy Fall!

— Joel Caris, Editor & Publisher