Into the Ruins: Spring 2019 is Now Available!

I’m very pleased to announce that the 12th issue of Into the Ruins is shipping to subscribers and is now available for purchase!

This Spring 2019 issue runs 112 pages, featuring five great new stories, an Editor’s Introduction, and another great letters to the editor section with plenty of interesting insights, considerations, and reflections on a variety of topics.

Demonstrating the diversity of deindustrial science fiction, this issue brings stories told from both the human and non-human perspective. And between Alistair Herbert’s succinct portrait of a future hunter and part one of Violet Bertelsen’s sprawling novella detailing the lives found within the future village of La Vezita, this issue contains both the longest and shortest stories yet published in Into the Ruins.

Two horror-tinged offerings from Daniel Stride and Daniel Soule—the former with a story of a forest with a thirst for human blood and the latter with one of rationalism run amok—and an adventurous tale of a special kind of magic from Clint Spivey help round out this issue.  Those five tales coupled with an excellent and eclectic letters section closes out the third year of Into the Ruins on a high note.

Subscribers will be receiving their copies in the coming days, with a number of you having received delivery already.  Those of you who aren’t subscribers but would like a copy of the new issue can order a copy here from our store, which will ship immediately. The issue is also available from Amazon or you can purchase a digital edition of the issue at Payhip. For  international readers, you can go to the issue page for links to international Amazon sites it’s available through, or reply to this email for options to purchase directly for international delivery.

If you aren’t already a subscriber, consider signing up! Already are a subscriber? Well, this is the end of Year Three. That means two things. First, a new Year Three package is available for purchase, consisting of issues #9-12 of the magazine. Second, it means the majority (though not all) of subscriptions are up for renewal. So renew today! The consistent support provided by subscriptions is critical to the success of Into the Ruins, and I want to go into Year Four just as strong as I went into Year Three. So please up your subscription for another year and keep the magazine on excellent footing. Aren’t sure if your subscription has ended? Shoot me an email and I’ll let you know where you stand.

Finally, the sharp-eyed amongst you have surely noticed that the name of this issue, Spring 2019, falls out of order with the naming convention up to this point. Where did Winter 2019 go? Well, you can find that info both in the pages of the new issue (page 11, to be exact) or on the website blog here.

As always, I encourage readers to send their thoughts and feedback to me at, both as casual emails (rambling acceptable!) and as official letters to the editor that I can consider for publication in the 13th issue of Into the Ruins, scheduled for publication in June. In particular, I would love to continue receiving thoughts and feedback on Hannes Rollins’ essay from the Summer 2018 issue on magic, religion, and superstition in deindustrial science fiction, as well as the letter responses found in both the Fall 2018 issue and this new one–as well as anything else touching upon the contents and theme of the magazine. Comments for contributing authors, as well, will be happily forwarded on.

Now go read the new issue and enjoy some fantastic deindustrial and post-peak science fiction!

— Joel Caris, Editor & Publisher