Issue 15: Spring 2020

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The 15th issue of Into the Ruins is now available for order! This Spring 2020 issue comes as a 7″ x 10″ book packed with 106 pages of stories of our deindustrial future, an Editor’s Introduction, a review of Richard Powers’ The Overstory, and an extensive letters to the editor section. You can purchase print copies in our store or from Amazon, a digital edition via Payhip, or you can subscribe. If you’re new to Into the Ruins, jump to our home page to learn more.

The world of today is a distant memory in many of the stories within, while in others the near future brings strange surprises. Baseball still reigns supreme in New England as the rest of the world falls apart, somehow never negating the false hopes of small-town citizens. In a Greenland remade by climate change, a mysterious girl transforms the life of a strange young boy. Meanwhile, a surprising message from another solar system may hold important truths about our own civilization-while in another story, the last remnants of a perished society await in a cave, harboring their own truths about the new world outside.

These stories and more, seven total in this issue, bring us ways of imagining the future that awaits us all, asking us important questions about the realities of today, and what they may become tomorrow.

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