A New Place in the World

I have already announced the launch of my new author website on the Into the Ruins email list, but I wanted to give it a shout out here on the blog, as well. While it remains a work in progress, it is coming along. I have posted three blog posts, with both a somewhat strange introduction, a brief discussion of science fiction and my intentions for the new site, and today’s post about the arrival of spring at such a strange point in time. If you have not yet visited, please do me the favor of stopping by.

I will continue to post more content there, including new stories. I have a few in the works, and I expect to debut at least one of them on the new site in due time.

And if you like what you find there, or you are a fan of my voice from the magazine, please point others in the direction, as well. I would love to continue to build an audience, to continue to carry on a conversation with you all, and to continue to get my work out into the world.

Thank you all for your support and I hope to see you over at the new site soon.

We encourage respectful discussion about this post, deindustrial and post-industrial science fiction, the future and our predicament, and other related subjects. Please refrain from using profanity (I find this heightens the quality of the conversation, even though I'm known to curse like a sailor at times.) All comments must be approved before they show up; be patient. Comments that are disrespectful, use profanity, are too far off topic, engage in personal attacks, or are flamebait will not be approved. You're free to disagree and present alternate viewpoints, but do it respectfully. Thank you!

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