Into the Ruins: Year Four

Discover the entire fourth year of Into the Ruins with this Year Four package. For the discounted price of just $43 in print or $25 in digital PDF format, you get the thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth issues shipped FREE anywhere in the U.S. This package includes nearly 450 pages of great content, including 25 fantastic stories of deindustrial science fiction, an intriguing argument from Karl North about the potential for a new Gothic Age in a deindustrialized United States, a wide variety of letters to the editor, four unique Editor’s Introductions, and reviews of Richard Powers’ The Overstory and 10 Billion, a visual adaptation of John Michael Greer’s story “The Next 10 Billion Years.”

This is the perfect way to introduce yourself to or continue exploring the fascinating genre of deindustrial science fiction. Pair this with the Year One, Year Two, and Year Three packages to discover all that Into the Ruins has to offer, receiving the magazine’s full run. Already have your copies of the magazine? The Year Four package makes a great gift for someone who has yet to discover Into the Ruins.

Purchase Year Four by credit card using the PayPal link below, or scroll down for instructions on how to order by mail. Or purchase Year Four in digital PDF format at Payhip. Thank you!

Into the Ruins: Year Four (Issues #13-16) – Print

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