Star’s Reach

Star’s Reach is a deindustrial science fiction novel written by John Michael Greer and set in 25th-century Meriga—formerly America. It depicts a fascinating future of ruinmen, failed scholars, recovering ecosystems and crumbling ruins and is well worth reading if you haven’t already. In addition to the novel, Greer launched The Meriga Project in late 2015 in an effort to collect enough stories set in the world of Star’s Reach to publish a follow up anthology. That project proved successful, and an anthology titled Merigan Tales will be published by Founder’s House Publishing in the near future, comprising a variety of tales set in the same world as Matthew Griffith’s “The Prisoner of Genda,” found in the third issue of Into the Ruins.

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Publisher’s Description
More than four centuries have passed since industrial civilization stumbled to its ruin under the self-inflicted blows of climate change and resource depletion. Now, in the ruins of a deserted city, a young man mining metal risks his life to win a priceless clue. That discovery will send him and an unlikely band of seekers on a quest for a place out of legend where human beings might once have communicated with distant worlds—a place called STAR’S REACH.

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