Into the Ruins LIVE on the Practical Prepping. Period Podcast this Wednesday!

I will be joining Randy Powers on his Practical Prepping. Period podcast this Wednesday, December 6th at 9pm EST to talk live about Into the Ruins, deindustrial science fiction, the future of industrial civilization, organic gardening and farming, and whatever other subjects may pop up. With luck, this will be a fun and wide-ranging conversation—and I’ll manage to come up with a few interesting things to say.

You can either listen live or download the podcast after it airs for listening at your leisure. You can find full info at the Facebook event page or directly at the Blog Talk Radio website.

I hope you’ll listen in!

Don’t forget! The new Fall 2017 issue of Into the Ruins is now available for sale and our limited time back issue sale continues, with all six back issues of the magazine now available for just $10 each! Complete your collection or pick up back issues for gifts this holiday season.

We encourage respectful discussion about this post, deindustrial and post-industrial science fiction, the future and our predicament, and other related subjects. Please refrain from using profanity (I find this heightens the quality of the conversation, even though I'm known to curse like a sailor at times.) All comments must be approved before they show up; be patient. Comments that are disrespectful, use profanity, are too far off topic, engage in personal attacks, or are flamebait will not be approved. You're free to disagree and present alternate viewpoints, but do it respectfully. Thank you!

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