Digital and Print Editions of Into the Ruins: Fall 2016 Now Available!

into-the-ruins-fall-2016-coverI’m pleased to announce that the third issue of Into the Ruins has shipped to subscribers and is now available for purchase in both print and digital formats! This Fall 2016 issue features a ton of great content, with a fantastic new story from Jason Heppenstall in which a mysterious old man cultivates a garden on the dusty outskirts of a desert town, Catherine McGuire exploring one woman’s fight against cruelty and exploitation, a tale from Matthew Griffiths set in the world of John Michael Greer’s Star’s Reach, a meditative snapshot of our post-oil future from Ian O’Reilly, and a lovely new tale from Rachel White that captures the mythic dimensions of our future. Not to mention, a new “Deindustrial Futures Past” column from John Michael Greer, Justin Patrick Moore’s survey of characters from James Howard Kunstler’s World Made By Hand series, a new Editor’s Introduction, and a thought-provoking, rollicking, filled-to-the-brim letters section. All of this comes as a 108 page, 7″ x 10″ paperback with another beautiful cover by W. Jack Savage, or as a high quality digital PDF edition.

Subscribers should have received their issues by now and those who aren’t ready to subscribe but who would like to check out the first issue anyway are encouraged to order a copy to peruse at their pleasure. Direct purchases from Figuration Press are available at that link. In addition, you can order directly from Amazon. For Canadian readers, the issue is available on Amazon’s Canada site. For other international readers, you can go to the issue page for links to international Amazon sites it’s available at or for a link to order directly from CreateSpace, which ships throughout the world. Finally, a digital version is now available through Payhip for $7.50.

As always, I encourage readers to send their thoughts and feedback to me at, both as casual emails (rambling acceptable!) and as official letters to the editor that I can consider for publication in the fourth issue of Into the Ruins, coming in late January. Comments for contributing authors will be happily forwarded on. All are welcome to comment on this post, as well, with thoughts and feedback.

Lastly, I want to once again provide a huge thanks to John Michael Greer for his myriad forms of support; Shane Wilson, who continues to prove a steady and invaluable Assistant Editor, providing feedback and catching mistakes I otherwise miss; Justin Patrick Moore, for going above and beyond in this issue; my amazing partner Kate O’Neill, who continues to put up with my tendency to overbook myself, showing enduring patience and care; to those who wrote letters to the editor and who have helped diversify the views available in the magazine; W. Jack Savage, for again providing such a beautiful cover, and for working with me unendingly; and of course to all the fantastic authors published herein, whose imaginative works form the backbone of this publication and, ultimately, are the reason it exists. And finally, to everyone who has subscribed (or who still is yet to subscribe), thank you for supporting this project and helping to make it happen.

Now go read the issue and enjoy some fantastic deindustrial and post-peak science fiction!

– Joel Caris, Editor & Publisher