A Summer of Stories

I missed an appropriate recognition in the pages of this blog, but we have now transitioned into summer. The season has tracked well with my own personal transition, from a rural life on the Oregon coast to an urban life in Portland, Oregon. A relationship and its resultant joy brought me here. Couple that with a May road trip—complete with camping and Redwoods—and life has been busy to say the least. I may have more to say about all that in a future post, perhaps here or perhaps over at Of The Hands.

Still, with the passing into a new season, the next issue of Into the Ruins is now beckoning me. It’s time to get cracking. I have a number of stories already lined up, though the full slate has yet to be settled on. Editorial ideas are knocking around in my head and I may dip my editorial toe into a bit of fiction for you readers—though no hard promises. It depends if the proper inspiration strikes twice. It already has struck once, but that story appears to be spiraling out into something more akin to a novella or full on novel. Perhaps you’ll read it some day.

One element of the second issue that could use some filling out is the trusty Letters to the Editor section. I have only a few musings currently to be published and would like something far more robust. And so I put out a request: if you have read the first issue, and have thoughts or commentary on any part of it, please send it on. You can find instructions at the above link, but it’s pretty straightforward. Email me your comments and I’ll be choosing a selection of the best to include in the Letters section of Issue #2. Don’t have commentary on specific elements of the journal, but on the theme in general? Send those as well. Perhaps you want to comment on the happenings of the day, the election barreling toward us, Brexit, the follies of industrialism, or other cheery subjects directly related to the cascading consequences of our increasingly dumb ways of living. All thoughts are welcome, and conversation encouraged.

Finally, two last notes. First of all, for those interested, Frank Kaminski published an excellent review of the first issue of Into the Ruins on his site, Mud City Press, and at Resilience.org. Please check it out and I certainly wouldn’t mind if you shared it far and wide. In a similar vein, please keep spreading the word about this project and encouraging others to pick up a copy of the issue or subscribe for themselves. The response to Issue #1 has been fantastic, and I would love to keep the momentum going. Lastly, if you’re inclined to write reviews, consider doing so for the first issue where you might prefer: at Goodreads, at Amazon or its international sites, at Powell’s, at Barnes & Noble, or anywhere else you so desire. Best of all, via good old word of mouth. This is very much a project whose success is dependent upon friends telling friends and all of you spreading the word. I ask you the favor of continuing to do this.

And lastly? Comment below. Let me know what you thought. I’ve had so much fun bringing this project into the world; I hope you’ve had a fraction of the same amount of fun reading it.

Thanks, everyone, and stay tuned for Issue #2.